The purpose of the Foundation is the promotion of worldwide science and international relations as well as the promotion of education, especially at the University of Hamburg and the other Hamburg universities.

In order to fulfil this purpose, the Foundation organises lectures or other events of a scientific or educational nature in the guest house of the University of Hamburg. We are pleased to invite you to these events. If you would like to be placed on our mailing list, please contact us by e-mail.

In addition, concerts and vernissages as well as presentations of Hamburg museums, scientific collections and other cultural institutions take place in the University Guest House.

The accommodation of scientists from all over the world as well as of young scientists who take part in international study exchange programmes and/or want to complete their scientific education in Hamburg and cannot find suitable accommodation due to the shortness of their stay or due to economic neediness in the sense of the tax code is also an important purpose of the Foundation.

In order to provide adequate accommodation for short-term guests of the events and guests of the flats and flats of the University Guest House, one of the important points is the maintenance of the building. The maintenance measures can also be found here on the website (including how exciting the discoveries are during the renovation work).